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Your Body's Bio Electrical System

Research indicates there are energy fields surrounding the human body that are electromagnetic in nature.
The creations of these fields are similar to the way an electric current passing through wire creates an induction field. This field has an organizing influence upon living tissue. For example, some lizards are able to regenerate their tails after injury or loss. The organizing field changes undifferentiated cells into muscle, nerve, bone and skin. If the organizing field is disrupted, and injured lizard's tail will not regenerate. Instead a scar forms. Many of the body's functions are controlled in a similar way.

The B.O.S. technique is able to detect the individual's flawed processes and direct a correction to that specific area through a variety of means.
This is why in order for a test to show positive results, a loss of function of the affected area has to be present typically by a factor of 40% or more. In other words much of the affected tissue or organ is not working properly in order to show a positive test indicating something is not right. You may have various symptoms that bring you into the office but what you may not have anything to do with the problem that needs treatment.

Tools which are used are Filters, Vials, Muscle Testing, Essences

Filters and Vials are an integral part of the B.O.S. methods. The filters and vials resonate with the body's frequencies and help to identify any errors or imbalances. Once identified, the practitioner uses soft tissue manipulation.

Muscle Testing is an impartial way of detecting flawed processes in priority sequence. There are a number of ways to perform this; each practitioner is encouraged to use the method which suits him or her best. Changes in muscle testing or resistance are quick and easy to measure using this method.

Essences are liquid extracts made from plants which are vibrational in nature and work with the body's electrical system.

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