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What is B.O.S.?

Biocomputer Operating System (B.O.S.) was developed by the late Dr. Harvey Steel in collaboration with his son, Larry Steel. This technique is based in traditonal North American Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine.

Foundation courses include: Applied Kinesiology, Vol and Nogier Acupuncture, Total Body Modification (T.B.M.) and Concept Therapy. This unique and innovative method incorporates 40 years of research and study. It meshes the founders own research and techniques with the best of old standbys as mentioned above. While its form is somewhat structured, it can readily adapt new ways to its repertoire.

B.O.S. is an innovative technique that taps into the body's inborn potential to heal itself.

The premise underlying B.O.S. is based upon three theories.
The Body has an inborn resistance to illness and disease and has the ability to heal itself. If structural imbalances or electrical blockages are present, the body's inborn control system is not able to function in its normal manner.

This technique helps open those problem areas and assists the body to achieve wellness.

Practitioners address all of the body's systems to ensure they are functioning as close to 100% as possible and it does this by opening blockages to allow healing to take place.
Optimum health can be achieved by the following five elements:

A positive attitude,
Healthy diet,
Adequate rest,
Body tuning, i.e. B.O.S.

When these areas are fine-tuned or balanced, wellness occurs. Researchers of B.O.S. are always improving and testing ways to address wellness.

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