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Balancing The System

Developing a particular set of symptoms occurs over time and essentially B.O.S. needs time too.
As the person is unique, so are the symptoms which present themselves. The technique strips each layer at a time. We focus on what you need to address first. It may not be directly related to your present concern, but each component, whether it is structural, emotional or chemical all contribute to how you feel today. Eventually B.O.S. will address the root cause and balance the system. Skipping the order is rarely successful as many problems are multi-functional in nature. Each issue needs to be addressed before any change is noticed in the body. B.O.S. addresses those factors.

The goal is to clear the body's control system of errors and promote natural healing. Once again, a positive mental attitude, a healthy diet which maximizes the intake of raw fruits and vegetables for example, achieving sufficient rest, incorporating a regular method of excercise to your routine and body tuning are important elements to achieving wellness. The old adage, "There is no incurable disease, only incurable frames of reference", underlies the basic philosophy of B.O.S.
These techniques are not a substitute for prescribed medical care.

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