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What Does A Session Involve?

There are B.O.S. practitioners around the world and each practitioner has their own style, but most often the client will lay on a massage table with the practitioner on your right side. Your practitioner may muscle test using a surrogate, if so the surrogate will be on the other side of you and his or her arm extended across you to meet the practitioners arm.

Many practitioners muscle test using their own hands, in any case the resistance of the muscle test indicates where your practitioner will work at that particular visit. Once the area is determined your practitioner will utilize the filters or tools necessary and often will place them on your clothed body. Your session will progress with the body point in corrections in sequence. In addition, any structural or soft tissue corrections can be used to realign the function of your body's computer restoring optimal functioning within your body. The session will be complete when your body indicates it has received enough corrections and will continue to process for up to one hour.

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