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About Joi

When I was twenty-six I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomylitis, a condition that forced me to evaluate my life, my beliefs, and the predominant Western philosophies about illness and treatment.  I searched for some relief through modern medicine and found negativity and frustration. My heart, health and disposition grew weaker as I was forced to stop playing sports and withdraw from social settings. I discovered my own innate healing abilities, through the Steel Health Centre where I received B.O.S. treatments and slowly found relief where no one else could help.

I realized that the B.O.S. treatment I was getting weekly was going to be my only way for to achieve my health and well being!

Through a strong commitment to treatments, rest and restraint, I was able to coach Ice Hockey for a number of years. Through support from my family and colleagues I decided to apply myself to obtain the B.O.S. Practitioner Certificate! I continue to make learning a focal part of my practice and of my own evolution.

My practice incorporates all my various and related accreditations and skills: B.O.S. Practitioner, a B.A. in Psychology, Reiki 1 & 2 and a D.S.W. which all work well in assisting me to be a competent, caring Practitioner..

I was not always the optimistic B.O.S. advocate. Actually I had two of my best friends lie to me about going to my first treatment at the Steel Health Centre. I learned to believe in B.O.S. due to obvious positive results in my health and attitude. B.O.S. also taught me that intuition and psychic abilities are inherent within all of us. If harnessed, they can be an amazing source of power and healing. My work is to guide my clients, individuals and businesses, to open up and access these abilities, so they can expand their possibilities in life and achieve goals they have always dreamed of.

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