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The Academy of Naturopaths & Naturotherapists of Canada (A.C.N.N.)

ACNN is a multi-disciplinary group, whose members presently include Naturopaths, Naturotherapists, Homeopaths, Colon Hygienists, Herbalists, Reflexologists, Massotherapists, Acupuncturists, Relaxotherapists, etc.

The organization was established in 1987 to represent practitioners in natural health and alternative therapies.

The benefits of joining ACNN as a Practitioner are as follows:
  • The ability to issue receipts to your clients who are able to claim reimbursement through their insurance company or use them for income tax purposes.
  • Practitioner Certificate recognition and Code of Ethics that is to be followed as a member.
  • Able to use the initials "n.d." following your surname except in Ontario where a different designation is allowable (see ACNN) for details.
  • Use of the ACNN logo
  • Networking amongst ACNN members (approx. 3500 in Canada).
  • Practice liability insurance offered at a competitive rate.

ACNN does not operate a web site; they can be contacted by telephone at 450-534-5304 Monday to Thursday.

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